Creativity and Energy Systems

Creativity and Subtle Energy Systems
By Nancy Risley, RPP

Nancy Risley, Founder of RYSE and ARYSE
Nancy Risley, Creator and Author or RYSE, Tools for Life

The ultimate creative process is creating our life to fully support and enhance our life force.
 Another level of the creative process is in life’s endeavors including, but not limited to, healing work, art, writing, communications and the blissful art of simply breathing and being.  Creativity is a beautiful expression of the spirit. In the full creative process we are 100 percent present in the moment. Our life force is streaming through us and there is abundant energy for the task at hand.During the creative process the energy systems are fully aligned.  If the chakras, aura, ida and pingala and other energy patterns are clear and in good repair, then we are clear, fully present and in a creative state.

How to Know When You’re Off

You can tell if you are not in the creative process through your discomfort.  This discomfort may show itself as a lingering depression, a stuck feeling, guilt or an inability to act.  Fear is the opposite of creativity. Creativity is blocked when fear is present.

From an energy systems perspective,  blocked creativity shows up as disruptions, damage, dirt or murkiness, leaks, and misalignments in the chakras, aura, and other subtle energy patterns. Below is an example of how this would appear.

RYSE Case Study

June (not her real name) had been suffering from a low level lingering chronic depression.  As she described it she spent a lot of time stuck in her stuff. She was unable to identify the cause.  It was like being in a haze.  When she was creative, she was very creative.  But often she was unable to express her creativity .  She had terrible sugar cravings, frequently indulged them, and  it was hard for her to be in groups because of her low self esteem.

All of these symptoms are important.  The depression is a signal of being blocked from creating her life or full potential.

The first time I met June was at a RYSE 1 (Running Your Subtle Energies, a workshop for energy system education and repair.) She appeared to be a lovely woman yet I could feel her pain.  June was not new to healing work.  She was currently in therapy and like many true seekers had tried and used a number of healing modalities. RYSE was her next step.

During the energy system clearing and repair time, I noticed June’s heart chakra was very clogged and pressed open.  It is through the heart chakra that we experience the signal of the soul or the life force. This can also be seen as the signal that we are not fulfilling our blueprint or highest potential.  With her heart chakra in this condition, June was unable to get these important signals strongly enough to recognize them.

By working on the heart chakra to remove the block and restore it to its conical shape, we were able to begin the healing process.  However, the fear and inability to act on her signals was related to problems in the base and third chakra as well as to a dirty aura.

Energy of Fear

Fear is interesting from an energy system perspective. Fear is an emotional signal of the body simply saying, “This is scary, I’m frightened.”  With the 3rd chakra blown out and the heart chakra clogged June’s life force could not get into her body.  (The life force comes into the body through the chakra system and then reflexes to the other subtle energy systems. To get into the body, the life force requires that the chakras be in full repair.) When the life force cannot get in, it feels like, “This is scary, I can’t get in.” It’s like driving your car from the roof instead of the drivers seat.

In a healthy energy system, the life force is pouring in through the chakras as well as all the other subtle energy systems and the person is in a state of natural protection. 

I have seen instances when just one chakra is clogged or out of alignment and its owner registers fear.  They have lost their natural protection.

RYSE Energy for Protection

With a natural state of protection comes a feeling of well being.  In this protection and well being we are safe enough to act, to make changes, to become the creator; to create our lives to fully support and enhance the life force.

The base chakra is a direct reflex to the heart chakra.  In its blocked state, it holds our fears.  Without a clear base chakra, the open heart chakra is deprived of its full expression.  In this case, the base chakra was very blocked and had no inflow valve to pick up and screen the earths energies and feed the chakra system.

RYSE Energy for Action

It is through a healthy third chakra that we are able to take the impulse of the life force and turn it into action.  Junes third chakra was practically missing so that even if she was accessing her inspiration, she would not be able to turn her thoughts into action until it was rebuilt.

June’s aura was also dirty and sticky.  A dirty aura is indicative of a stuck feeling and lingering depression.  Conversely, a clear aura vibrates at a rate that helps us continually transform and be in the present.

Working with the Aura in RYSE

The vibration of the aura works with the principle of the law of entrainment.  The law of entrainment basically states that there is a tendency of vibrating bodies to seek the same level of vibration.  Like attracts like.  Therefore, if the aura is vibrating at a low level such as depression, it will attract to it substances, beliefs and attitudes to keep it vibrating at that level.

The rate the aura vibrates at is an indicator of the flow of the creative process within the individual.  The faster the vibration, the higher the level of creativity.  Through clearing and repairing the aura, we are changing the vibrational rate.

The dirty and stuck aura was vibrating at a rate that was attracting sugar to it.  (This applies to other addictions as well.) It was keeping June feeling unable to move and stuck in an unhealed place.  June’s aura was vibrating at a low rate making depression and the sugar cravings her comfort zone.

After RYSE 1, June felt lighter and like a different person. Her energy systems were cleared, repaired and aligned, including her clogged heart chakra, blown out 3rd chakra, blocked base chakra and sticky, dirty aura. She could feel her natural protection, her love and life force rather than her fear. In this clear state she felt she could move forward and act positively in her life.

RYSE Energy Results

A few weeks later I saw June again in RYSE 2.  She was smiling and glowing. She looked like a much happier and lighter person. The sugar cravings were gone, her fears had started to resolve themselves, her self-esteem was improving and she was starting to make positive changes in her life.  As I looked into her  energy systems, a lot of the repair had held and I was able to bring her to a higher level of clearing and alignment.

Through RYSE June has become the creator of her life and now has the tools and knowledge to successfully support and enhance her life force.