Sound Energy Healing

Using Sound to Move Energy

By Kris Stecker

bowlsWe are sound. Sound is energy or vibration. Your body vibrates at many different intervals. The long cycles (digestion, breathing, moving), the intermediate cycles (pulse, voice, and muscle tension) to the short cycles (glands, molecules and atoms) all combine to create a symphony of life. Without vibration (sound) many of our organs and cells could not function. The vibration of the many different areas communicate with each other through the vibrations they produce.

So it should be no surprise that we are affected by external sound. Through the principle of resonance, the body picks up sounds on many levels. The sounds stimulate or depress our core functions and life force.

Origins of Sound in Healing

The use of sound in healing is a very ancient practice. Singing produces endorphins and the vibration in the body harmonizes all the various aspect. The term that someone has good or bad vibes is absolutely accurate. We all radiate our own unique vibrations and others can pick them up.

For these reasons, learning about sound becomes a fundamental skill that can affect our well-being on many levels. Constant droning engines can suppress our immune systems and lead to mental, emotional and intellectual stress. It can lead to fatigue and accidents. And conversely, the sounds of nature can be deeply healing.

The following article from the Ipswich Chronicle will give you more insight into the way the quartz crystal bowls are used in RYSE and ARYSE to create the optimal energy clearing.

RYSE CD Technology for Healing

The CDs used in RYSE took 5 years to develop due to the difficulty of recording the bowls. The unique tonal range produced by the shape and size of the bowls created numerous challenges that took technological advances to accomplish.

The recordings are best if played back on a high quality system so the sound can get into your body, not just your head. It’s still has value even at low levels on inexpensive systems, but to really get the optimal results you need a good system. If you are a RYSE Teacher you will want to invest in a sound system that will support the work you do. You won’t be disappointed.

Live Sound is Still Best

Even though extreme care was taken in the production of the CDs, there is still no way to reproduce the full spectrum of healing sound that the bowls provide in a live setting. The key is that a speaker pushes the air to set up sound waves in a very different way than the bowls produce sound. You will completely understand the difference once you hear the bowls live in ARYSE.

Are All Bowls the Same?

The answer is no. It’s good to remember there are a lot of people who can buy and play bowls, but there are still very few people who actually understand how sound and energy interact. Without a firm understanding of the human energy systems, the ability to use sound to move energy is very hit or miss. I have found from listening to other recordings or live performances that the playing ranges from harmful to good. It really depends on the awareness of the person playing the bowls. And as you might expect, a person who understands will have bowls that work well together.

This also applies to other instruments as well. As you probably know from experience, a violin in the hands of a master is very different than one played by a beginner.

The same is true for tuning forks, metal or crystal bowls and pretty much all instruments. Unfortunately there are those who play the bowls more as a gimmick than with knowledge of what they’re doing. They may give the bowls special names, put lights in them or attribute them to Atlantis or extraterrestrial sources which is usually a good sign that they don’t truly understand sound and energy.  When you really understand sound and energy, the sound guides you to the right results.

So it’s important to remember, not all sounds are created equally. If they were, we could all be rock stars.