Technology of RYSE

The Technology of RYSE

Energy Field Therapy for the Next Century

By Nancy Risley, RPP

I am frequently asked how does RYSE actually work to improve manifestation and why is it important to use these techniques?

By looking at a person’s energy field you can tell how self realized that person is; how well they hold their power (or how they give it away) and where there are actual or potential physical problems.

From studying the energy systems of realized beings and other people who were very adept at manifestation, I observed that their systems were very strong and functioning at a level of vitality and strength that ordinary people could not attain or sustain for very long except in the presence of these beings.

As I learned more about energy systems over the years of working with clients, I started to notice people with similar issues would have the same blocks in their energy fields.

As we would work to bring their energy field into a clearer and more aligned state, the issues would disappear and they would move to new levels of realization and manifestation. This was particularly true for people who had been working on themselves for quite a while and had tried many forms of therapy to move towards realization. They had tried many things but they felt like there was still a missing piece that was holding them back.

For instance, people who experience difficulty in standing up for themselves or are unable to commit to who they really are often have a will center chakra that would either be broken, blown out, clogged, or going backwards.

They may have spent years in therapy working on various issues and taking assertiveness training, but they would keep falling back into the old patterns. But when the chakra was cleared and repaired they would almost immediately be able to stand up for themselves and hold their power better than they could before. They would then be able to apply their previous training and work more effectively.

Another pattern has been for people who feel a lack of abundance, no matter how much they might have, to have a subtle energy pattern, the Ida or Pingala, blown out between the base and second chakra. They could take all sorts of abundance courses and try many different affirmations, but until the Ida and Pingala were repaired they could not get the feeling of abundance. These are just a couple of examples.

For every condition and issue there are corresponding energetic dysfunctions that can be corrected and there are combinations of  patterns that are also at play.

For instance, although we may be working on a current issue and working with the current energy patterns in the body, there can also be historic patterns that are still in the memory of the body that need to be cleared and repaired.

The energy patterns of our inner children at any age can effect our current energy patterns and must be cleared, otherwise the old patterns will come back at our weaker moments and effect our current patterns.

In RYSE we can do major work on the various patterns that make up our life and that can give us the experience of how it feels to be in an aligned and clear space from which to manifest our highest potential.

But how do we hold that state of alignment? That is up to you. That is why we also see RYSE as a basic training in how to Run Your Subtle Energies. To reap the fullest benefit of the training you must create the discipline in your life to use this technology on a regular basis.

Some people are using the techniques six or more times a day and are getting very good results. Others are using it just a couple of times a day and also getting good results.

However, if you think you can wait to use it until you need it, it is much harder to do. Once you have dropped into the lower vibrational state associated with blocked or unclear energy patterns, it is extremely hard to get things working without assistance.

For this reason we encourage everyone to use this regularly. If you can’t do this and lose your alignment, listen to the Chakra Meditation One tape, made for the purpose of aligning. It may be enough to get you back to a level where you can do the rest of the clearing on yourself. If not, we recommend Polarity sessions and either the next RYSE or ARYSE that is available.

Hopefully this will be helpful for all of you that are moving into higher levels of manifestation and self realization. One thing that is certain, as the challenges to survive on the planet increase, the only real solution is to learn to be clear aligned and balanced no matter what is going on around us. Keep up the good work and we look forward to continuing this journey together.