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Nancy has once again done something amazing. She has combined webinars with the new RYSE Teacher Training and the results are very powerful. Learning to do distance work at a distance has gone to a whole new level.

As you would expect, Nancy is so focused on creating the work that she doesn’t have time to talk about it. But as an outside observer as well as the one who she discusses the overall results with I get to know what’s going on (within the bounds of confidentiality of course) and I can tell that she has taken everything to an even higher level. 

When Nancy started the new format with a combination of classes in person and online, she had to dig deep to figure out what would work. Of course, she called on guidance and listened closely. And as you might expect, when trying something that’s entirely new there’s a leap of faith that could land anywhere on the spectrum of failure or success.

RYSE Advanced Energy Nancy RisleyDistance Energy Healing Results

The end result of the combination of energy classes in person and at a distance even surprised Nancy. The power of doing RYSE at a distance opened up a whole new capability for almost everyone in the class.

Something about actually being at a distance when you are learning to do distance work has provided another dimension of focus while doing the RYSE energy work. It pushed everyone to a new level and it seems like everyone is learning to do RYSE distance energy work with even more profound results.

Share Your Experience of RYSE Teacher Training

If you are a student in the class and would like to add to this blog, please let me know so I can get you set up as a contributor. There’s nothing more powerful for people than to hear it from the student’s perspective. (And it will also help establish you as a thought leader in the energy healing community.) We look forward to your posts in the future as your perspective will be profoundly interesting to everyone.

Thank you.


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  1. When I was invited to take this RYSE teacher training course, I knew that I wanted to be in this class. Learning directly from Nancy Risley as the founder of RYSE, the expert and the person that I admire most has been a dream come true. It took juggling some big hurdles to make it happen but I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. The skills and training are state of the art that produce profound results. With each individual session and group that I have been blessed to facilitate, evolves my training to a new level of effectiveness. This is very powerful work and it’s here for you when you are ready to receive!

    In addition to this bliss, I have met the most amazing people of like mind and we have developed a strong bond of mutual respect and community that supports us now and will in the future. I feel so blessed and honored to be here and look forward to what it will bring. Thank you Nancy for this opportunity.

    Tami Najim Elwell
    One Heart Space

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  2. Spot on! Nancy has taken everything to an even higher level with teaching distance work at a distance. At the beginning of this magical journey, she promised that it would be a rich experience and would grow our psychic ability and understanding of the work. It has done more than that! Nancy has cultivated a community of people for this class, that is aligned to the highest level of truly opening to the human potential/highest blueprint. We all flow love, support, spiritual awareness, and friendship amongst the group. With my whites on, sitting in my family room, I join the webinar with these people every-other-week. Once the call begins, Nancy opens up and builds a higher energy which for me feels like an environment of balanced receptivity. It feels like Nancy is present in my family room, and that she is down loading information to me as the energy builds. By the end of the webinar, I have a feeling of renewal and restoration, and I have loads of new teachings that I have absorbed. Since the beginning of the RTT, I have manifested things in my life to a new level. Nancy has awakened a transformative spiritual awareness that will alter my future. I have received this gift from Nancy to share it. I look forward to the culmination of this journey, and to sharing the teachings, love, money and all the energy that has come with this miraculous program called RTT. Yes, learning to do distance work at a distance has taken and aligned my life to new levels. It works! Enormous gratitude and love to all the participants of this program.

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