RYSE 2 CD Question

RYSE 2 CD Awareness

Many people have questioned the vocal mix on the RYSE 2 CD. The feeling is that the voice is difficult to hear in certain places. Of course, it varies depending on the quality of the equipment used for playback but the vocal track is less pronounced.

Was this on purpose or a mistake? Both. It was partly that the mix was more difficult for certain technical reasons but also, the CD is meant to be used repetitively to reinforce the work that is done in the RYSE 2 Session. The words and Nancy’s voice are very important at the same time the sound of  the bowls do a lot of the clearing.

The following brilliant post by Suzanne Trumbore Leitschuh, RPP, RPT, a very astute and experienced RYSE Practitioner and Polarity Therapist from East Thetford, VT catches the essence of what happens when people are listening to the CD.


In the RYSE 1 CD, your first job is to get used to someone else’s voice,
other than mine.  So far so good…

You are not imagining things… this is the classic RYSE 2 CD feedback…
and classic RYSE creators'(Kris and Nancy’s) sheer BRILLIANCE…

I have totally enjoyed following your responses to the RYSE 2 CD.

I emailed Kris and Nancy at the school for their feedback on the CD and got
some great responses;  all very authentic, right from the heart of the
matter responses; including some technical explanations too…. ( MY mind
had some clear ideas about what the CORRECT Fix was…. )

As it turns out, the RYSE 2 CD is just perfect in some very deep and
mysterious ways.

I encourage you to NOT go out to buy high end equipment for listening….
the regular equipment you already have is just fine..

Did you NOTICE how you dealt with your minds’ appraisal of this CD?  What
did you do?? How did you process it??  What actions did you take?? What
attitudinal response did you adopt??  What “Celebration of life in the
MOMENT / Give up / give in / fight back / defy” mode did you move into??
Where on the spectrum of energy did you vibrate??  What did you learn about
you??  Did you remember to notice what you do??  Are you observing yourself
from the Highly Evolved Divine Spiritual Being part of you, watching your
Low Frequency Earth Plane Existence Mental / Emotional Body Part of you…

“The mind is an energetic magnet… what you focus on, you get MORE of..”
remember that??

And “addiction is whatever you give your power away to..”

PONDER deeper:

REMEMBER: This CD is designed to clear CORDS, Expectations, and Cellular
Memories  — all three of which come from the BELIEFS, ATTITUDES, and IDEAS
part of our being…   all about the MIND having preconceived ideas about
what SHOULD be; (ordering) and then having reactions and running “familiar
patterns” when it doesn’t get what it wants……  IE: Expectations, Cords,
and outdated constructs —   running the now moment in old useless cellular
memories…    Blaming the producers of the CD’s; figuring out where “the
problem” lies…      Remember, we are working with subliminal to the

This work is so powerful, I dare say, it even affected the CD production…

Kind of like: “PLUTO is such a powerful dismantler of what IS, that it
dismantled its own status as a PLANET — begging the question, “Well, should
we even consider it now??”   Wool, Yes, we should, times a MILLION…

Here’s what I can definitely re-state…   THE MIND isn’t really what’s
required here (and it trips us up endlessly) in doing this spiritual work;
and it’s the MIND that needs and wants this CD to be other than it is…
it wants what it wants…

Did you notice what you focused on???
Did you notice what you made more important than your life force??

THE MIND’s true, BEST job, is to direct our attention to the highest
frequencies, 50 times a day, bringing this light IN through the Crown
Chakra…(creating: Happy, JOYOUS, (Spot on Meditation) and FREEDOM from
stresses…)….     The MIND, on the lowest end of the energetic continuum
— creates:  bitch, drink (endless self-medication), suffer, complain…
blame..  and assigning the solutions to OTHER PEOPLE…   Instead of

Did you notice what you focused on???
Did you notice what you made more important than your life force??
Shift your 3rd chakra; adjust your aura placement, and Raise Your

If you turned the CD down and ignored what the MIND considered IMPERFECTION
or PROBLEM,  and relaxed into the BLISS… and trusted the process, and just
zoomed out; knowing that spiritual healing was a very real reality in the
NOW moment, in the RYSE evolution, a truly transformative journey…  —you
joined in teaching the mind to not run the usual EXPECTATIONS for
mind/emotion satisfiers, >>>>>>>   YOU WON and shifted to the next very deep

This CD DEFINITELY gets the job DONE (of clearing your energy fields) — on
some new levels.. Discomfort and critic mind will ALWAYS be present on the
Earth Plane…  hence the cords, expectations and the need to update all the
cellular memories…

Listening to the RYSE 2 CD and KNOWING, believing that it will still work,
without having to have your mind sign off that everything was just as mind
EXPECTED IT to be; if you were able to NOT get Corded, that “This CD isn’t
right — I hate world and what happens on the earth plane — who made this
thing?? And why is it like this?? And I want it DIFFERENT!”   If you were
able to move and create NEW cellular memories: “My healing comes in ways I
don’t ALWAYS understand — or even like sometimes — but I trust the
process… and I delight in the newness of my moving through the familiar
with new senses….     I easily and effortlessly disconnect from the
judgments of my mind.. and whooof!! I go to the next level of releasing….

There’s this great Alanon saying, that ties in beautifully, with “What do I
regularly focus on?”  “What do I make more important than my life force?”
and shifting into new realities…

And there’s a listing of new behaviors…

Let’s amend that:
“Just for right NOW, I will be aware of what I make more important than my
life force; notice when I’m doing that, and shift my focus to what holds me
(And hey, that alanon quote has some great tips too…)

RYSE work is the art of LEARNING to use your spirituality, (CROWN, Etc…)
to strengthen your whole spirituality ->> the entire Energetic Anatomy… to
shift AWAY from what’s familiar (earth plane density and mental / emotional
habits of lower frequency) — and MOVING INTENTIONALLY into what we really
truly want, as conscious beings of light…. up into the higher realms and
getting  SO familiar with JOYFULNESS — BLISS BEING…   that we choose it
faster and more often…

NOTICE WHAT is Standing in the way… … and we’re on to RYSE 3….    What
part of us Opens us, what part of us CLOSES us, what part of us CONFUSES US
into thinking we cannot do this….

And it’ll tell you right now about the BRILLIANCE of the RYSE 3 CD… it’s
really hard to follow, just like all the Inner Sub-personalities…    That
CD too works really, really well on all those confusing, overlapping inner


Best, Suzanne

Suzanne Trumbore Leitschuh, RPP, RPT


For more information please contact:
Suzanne M. Trumbore Leitschuh, RPP
P.O. Box 123
East Thetford, VT 05043
(802) 785-4894

Thank you Suzanne for your deep understanding. It’s exciting to see how you are bringing this into the world.


p.s. If/when Nancy changes the mix on the CD we will let everyone know on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PolarityTherapyNetwork or on https://www.facebook.com/groups/ryse2day/