RYSE Stories – How RYSE Can Change Your Life

Over the years of teaching RYSE and ARYSE, we constantly hear stories from people of how things that were problems resolved into success. Or how RYSE or the CDs were used with sick children or to manifest a job or relationship or any other variety of important life changing events.

RYSE Testimonials – How RYSE Can Change Your Life

Share Your RYSE Story So Others Can Learn

Often people can learn from other people’s experiences better than they can from their own. They are too close to see what is happening. That’s where your stories and experience can help them to better understand how being clear is helping them to manifest what they want. Your story may be the thing that helps them to stay aligned and clear in the future.

Please post your comments about how RYSE has affected your life or the lives of others and what changed as you used the techniques. Your story will be a valuable resource for everyone who reads it.

We look forward to learning from you.

Thank you.
Nancy and Kris

p.s. Please be careful to protect the identity of any third parties that you mention.

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6 Replies to “RYSE Stories – How RYSE Can Change Your Life”

  1. I want to be the first to share my story.

    When I came across energy work it was at a time when I was working as a software engineer at Lotus Development in Cambridge. I was deep in the belly of the scientific beast and had no appreciation of belief in anything I couldn’t measure or touch.

    In 1986 I had my first polarity session and my life was immediately and radically altered. I became aware of how far I had deviated from being connected with my intuition and knowing. In effect, I had become a spiritual shell who was working all the time and being disconnected from my environment. Daily runs, meditation and massage alone were not able to give me what the energy work gave me.

    Long story short, I was hooked and over the next couple of years I transitioned into becoming a polarity therapist. The experience of working with energy on a daily basis opened doors that had been closed for decades and my life became more fulfilling every day. But the best part was when our students in Maine gifted us our first quartz crystal bowl. The universe knew what it was doing.

    This coincided with Nancy starting to develop RYSE. As a musician and polarity therapist I could see how the bowl moved energy and started getting more bowls and experimented with them in sessions. Once Nancy had the core work of RYSE developed, we started to bring the bowls together with the RYSE work and were blown away by the results. The combination was exponentially more than each on their own.

    From 1989 to 1999 we did about 20 hours of RYSE and ARYSE a month. The experience was transformative on a profound level. I had to get weekly polarity sessions to keep up with the rate of transformation. And by applying the techniques in our daily lives we saw the outward manifestation in many areas. The school started to grow faster than we could keep up with and we both shifted into a vibrational state that became the norm rather than the exception.

    The individual experiences included manifesting the buiding in Ipswich at an amazing price, manifesting the means to finance the building, and the gift of attracting an amazing group of dedicated healers, teachers and administrators to grow the school and bring this work to more people than we ever imagined possible.

    With the recording of the RYSE CDs, Nancy writing RYSE Tools for Life and the start of the RYSE Practitioner training, everything was launched to an amazing level. Producing 16 CDs in 6 months was unprecedented and training the first group of practitioners was also amazing.

    But then a surprising thing happened. After the RYSE sessions were recorded, I greatly reduced playing the bowls and the joy of what I was doing started to evaporate. It became increasingly difficult to get excited about what was happening at the school and in life and I went through a very personally challenging time. Fortunately, I realized what was happening, got more polarity sessions and we got back on track playing for ARYSE. As soon as we got back in the groove, everything got back on track.

    The moral of the story is this: RYSE is an amazing tool. It’s not a silver bullet but rather a tool that when properly used on a regular basis can produce excellent results. Some people feel it immediately and others see it in the outward manifestation of their lives. And that’s perhaps the most important part. I have seen so many people have their lives improve while they are doing RYSE and ARYSE and then they take it for granted, stop doing it, and things slide backwards. Once they start doing RYSE and ARYSE again, everything starts moving forward again.

    I guess it’s just part of the human condition. That’s why I look forward to hearing your stories. We can all help each other remember the powerful tools we have to work with and keep on the right track.

    Thank you for being part of the RYSE community.

  2. When I first came to Spa Tech Institute to check it out in 2009, I knew I would find the tools and education that I was looking for. When I decided on the Holistic Massage Therapy program I chose to start with Polarity Therapy, Level 1 and am so happy that I did. It gave me the chance to experience RYSE 1-4. RYSE continually aids me in all aspects of my life and has become my most important tool. I have finished the Holistic Massage Therapy program and am continuing on with Levels 2-4 of Polarity Therapy for my Registered Polarity Practioner statis. I adore the work I am doing and look forward to creating my business. From my RYSE and ARYSE experiences I continue to grow and attract all that I require for a rich and rewarding life and practice. I encourage everyone to experience RYSE and see for themselves what an amazing tool it is.

    1. I look forward to seeing how you bring this work into the world. You have an amazing background already and with these added tools you are going to help a lot of people even more than you already do. It’s an honor to know you.

  3. RYSE has been a true blessing for me and my family. I received the work from Nancy Risley in 1998 and it was amazing. Having the clarity and ability to take care of my own energetic system has had a tremendous impact on being able to take care of myself and family amid all life’s twists and turns. I like to live life to it’s fullest and this work has freed me up to do so. I have more love, freedom and joy and think everyone could benefit from receiving this work. All 3 of my children certainly have! Thank you Nancy and Kris!!

    1. Thank you Karen. Your transformation has been amazing and I know you are taking this work out to many people beyond your family. You are a bright light and it’s exciting to watch how you are transforming those around you. Keep up the great work. You are a gem.

  4. This past week Nancy and I were at a spa conference in Meredith, NH and found ourselves having a wonderful conversation with some tourists from Australia who were sitting in the gazebo. They were near the end of a 5 week excursion that included Europe and the US.

    It got interesting when we started talking about what they did. One was a retired reflexologist (hands wore out from doing the work) and the other had a son who was a retiring Physio-Therapist who was burned out. Of course, what better time to start talking about energy.

    These two women, probably in their late 50’s or early 60’s, had heard of polarity therapy which was great. But when we started to talk about the link between doing healing work and having to keep your energy clear, as well as the issues of energy transference, they were totally on board and knowledgeable.

    The exciting part is how universally this information is being understood. They were very excited about hearing about RYSE and were going to go back and look it up and learn more. I don’t know if they will do anything with it but it’s fun to think about the information traveling beyond our shores.

    Little by little RYSE is finding its way into the world. Everyone you talk to moves us closer to a more aligned and healthy planet. Thank you for supporting this work.

    Kris and Nancy

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