RYSE (Realizing Your Sublime Energies)

So what prevents success? Fear which is a state of being unclear, blocked, out of balance and out of your power. Fear is the condition of energy system blockage, leaks and distortions.Success comes from aligned energy systems. It comes from receiving clear information and having the ability to act on it. This can only happen when you are clear, aligned and in your power. This is an enlightened state where you are self-actualized.

When the human energy system is clear and aligned, you are in your power and able to perceive what you need to do and have the ability and confidence to do it. When your energy system is blocked you lack the clarity, personal power or courage to move forward.

But why does the human energy system develop blocks or stay blocked?

The physical, emotional and psychological experiences of life create a residue in the energy system that limits the ability to obtain subtle and important signals from the energy dynamics that make up all of life. The repetition of these dysfunctional energy patterns become a habitual pattern. The longer you have the dysfunctional pattern, the stronger it becomes and the more it controls all aspects of your life.

However, you can change it. Through consciously clearing the residue and repairing the damage to your energy system, your clarity can be restored and your intuition becomes strengthened.

This is the RYSE concept: Realizing Your Sublime Energies is the foundation of moving into your clarity, creativity and personal power.

Developed by Nancy Risley in 1987 as an extension of working with hundreds of polarity practitioners who were building professional practices, RYSE quickly evolved into an education that was equally valuable for a wide range of issues and situations. Realizing Your Sublime Energies turned out to be a valuable addition for massage therapists, psychotherapists, healers, people who did yoga and meditation as well as for parents, sales people, teachers and even actors and musicians.

In 1999 Nancy expanded RYSE into a training for practitioners who could perform the RYSE energy clearing techniques and educate clients in how to maintain better energy system repair and balance. The RYSE Practitioner Training is a significant breakthrough in the field of energy system healing and repair. The training is carefully structured to produce a consistent result supported by a book and 15 CDs that are used by the client and the practitioner to reinforce what is taught in the RYSE training.

The benefits of RYSE include:

  • Improved sense of well being
  • More emotional and intellectual clarity
  • Heightened intuition and clarity
  • Increased confidence based on feeling more in control
  • Better understanding of vulnerabilities and energetically toxic influences
  • More creativity and energy to move forward
  • Improved relationships at work and home

Why RYSE is Important

An important element that is unique to RYSE is the combination of self-clearing energy techniques coupled with CDs. The CDs step you through the RYSE process along with the sound track of 18 Quartz Crystal bowls played by the sound therapist, Kris Stecker.

As a polarity therapist and energy worker, Kris discovered the best way to use sound to heal the energy system and captured it on the recordings. Since these are the same recordings used in the clearing education and session, when you meditate on your energy system with the sound track, you entrain with the energy work that was performed on you by a RYSE practitioner. The power of repeatedly clearing your aura, chakras and other energy patterns is at the core of the effectiveness of RYSE.

But the most important part of RYSE is the unique way in which Nancy Risley, RPP, RPE, mastered the energy work and found a way to synthesize it into a teachable form. Focusing on your energy systems directly allows you to fast-track your healing and personal growth process. And the work goes into advanced levels of using your energy system to clear deeply rooted issues that are caught in your historic energetic patterns that have been repeated for decades. Whether it's clearing the energy system patterns tied to your childhood traumas or addressing inter-generational energy patterns picked up from your family, the work is extremely profound in bring you to new levels of clarity.

Which brings us to the most important part of the work: It's about creating what you want in your future. Many healing modalities get focused on the problems and forget that the purpose of the work is to help you to create the future you want. It's easy to get trapped in a loop of healing where there is always another problem to address. With RYSE you are focused on how you can move quickly into manifesting your future. As you become clear, aligned and balanced, you gain access to your intuition, clarity and the ability to move away from fear so you can act on your desires. This shift is at the key of manifesting the things in your future that are important to you.

Advanced Energy System Continuing Education

Once you complete the basic 16 hours of training you can move on to the Advanced RYSE (ARYSE) to work with the creators of RYSE, Nancy Risley and Kris Stecker, or go on to become a RYSE Practitioner. The advanced nature of the work is transformative and will help you create the future you have always wanted.

To find out more about Realizing Your Sublime Energies, you can contact Spa Tech Institute at 800-262-8530 or search on http://spatech.edu on the web.

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