Founder - Nancy Risley, BCPP, RPE

Nancy Risley is a gifted healer whose advanced understanding of energy systems has created the basis for the work done at the Institute.

From her well developed intuitive and perceptual abilities came the guidance and desire to enter into the healing field in 1970. She studied bodywork and bio-dynamic nutrition in Europe as well as astrology, psychic development, and conscious channeling. She had a successful private practice, first as a massage therapist and then as a Polarity therapist, that was booked up many months in advance.

The Polarity Realization Institute was born from the constant interest of her clients who wanted to understand the work she was doing. Over years of learning, doing sessions and teaching, Nancy developed an extensive understanding of the healing process.

This base of knowledge of the healing principles of self-realization and transformation are reflected in her unique approach as taught in all of the programs at the institute. She continues to build on this knowledge and develop more profound ways of working with energy as well as training others to do the same.

After years of practicing and perfecting this work she is now documenting a vast body of knowledge as well as training teachers to bring it into the world. Her pioneering work with RYSE is based on her years of training and helping energy workers and therapists to reach their highest potential.

As a leader in the Polarity community, Nancy was in the first group of practitioners to receive the Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP which is now BCPP) status from the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA). She was also a member of the first APTA Standards of Practice committee and the Registration Committee. In 1989 Nancy was awarded Honorary Diplomat status by the APTA in recognition of her pioneering work and exceptional contribution as a teacher and practitioner. Nancy was also in the first group of Polarity educators to recieve the Registered Polarity Educator (RPE) designation.

Nancy is the author of The Polarity Workbook and released her second book, RYSE, Tools for Life as well as 15 CDs containing the meditations to support both students and practitioners. She continues to explore, develop and document based on her experience teaching advanced energy healing classes for students, practitioners and teachers.

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