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Want to accelerate your growth experience?

The more you focus on clearing and aligning your energy, the faster you evolve and take your life to the next level.

ARYSE was created for everyone who gets the value of clear energy and how assistance by a highly trained teacher increases the results. It's the place where Nancy and Kris can take your clearing to the next level and help you build on the great work you're doing on your own.

ARYSE (Advanced RYSE Energy Clearing Sessions)

As you continue your journey of becoming an energy aware being, your next "growth" opportunities will automatically present themselves. You're capable of working through them by diligently doing the RYSE exercises and getting polarity sessions consistently. But if you want to accelerate the process, come to ARYSE and let Nancy and Kris work with you in person.

Nancy works on the energy of the group and individuals while Kris works with the coordinated sound of the 16 quartz crystal bowls. Together they bring everyone's energetic clarity to the highest levels possible. They also work to synchronize with seasonal, planetary and other evolutionary changes that are constantly taking place. After the group clearing Nancy continues to meet with each person individually to address opportunities and issues while your energy is at an elevated level of clarity and strength.

The combination of working together to build clarity and strength as well as the individual attention has a multiplier effect that allows for accelerated change.

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The amazing thing about RYSE and ARYSE is that repetition is very important. The more you get cleared the faster everything moves in your life. It’s tied to the basic laws of manifestation. If we aren’t clear and could manifest quickly and easily, we would manifest all sorts of things that are not in our best interest.

That’s why we created the CDs so people could use them as much as possible. We have seen that the people who use them the most attain the most clarity and progress. They can be used with headphones as well as speakers but the speakers have a more profound impact. It’s also important that you are not trying to do something else at the same time. It’s important to relax so your energy system can open and be altered.

Keep up the good work everyone. The more people who are cleared, the more we can all access higher energies.

Thank you.

Nancy and Kris

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