Become a Transformative Energy Educator

If you love RYSE and understand the profound change you can make by teaching it to others, this is your next step. If you want to change the world, this is a great place to start. 

The RYSE Teacher Training is a significant breakthrough in transforming your clients by providing the tools to gain consistent results in working with energy. Channeling your wisdom, knowledge and heightened perceptual abilities through a well defined system gives you an exciting opportunity to help people heal the underlying energy issues that affect their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. The outcome is to watch your clients thrive as they reach higher levels of clarity and manifestation.

To be effective, a RYSE Teacher learns how to evolve their energy system to an even higher level in preparation for clearing RYSE students as they learn how to do it on themselves. The RYSE teacher learns to raise their vibration so they can perceive where the energy is blocked and then facilitate in the movement of the energy into a flow and resolution that allows the student to experience the higher level of alignment and clarity. Once the student achieves this state during the clearing, they are able to return to this state more easily as they use the RYSE recordings to reinforce the positive positioning of their energy system.

Therefore, not only do you learn to perceive energy on a more conscious level and learn the most effective techniques for changing the energy patterns, but you also learn how to take your personal clearing and alignment to a much higher level. You will learn how to get into and stay in the zone more easily than ever before. And you will be able to help your clients, students, children or others to do the same.

What does the RYSE Teacher Training Provide?

The RYSE Teacher Training extends the field of professional energy system awareness and therapy to a new level. Developed from the firsthand knowledge and experience gained from thousands of energy healing sessions, this work is powerful and impressive. It is one thing to have the gift to do this work; it is quite an accomplishment to be able to teach it to others and help them to clear their energy systems.

The beauty of RYSE is that clients can use it very successfully with all other forms of therapy, coaching, management, parenting, teaching, and life in general. It is a baseline skill that improves whatever they are already doing.

The RYSE Teacher Training builds on this and is supported with documentation in the book RYSE, Tools for Life, by Nancy Risley. There are also supporting meditations on 15 CD's designed exclusively for RYSE teachers to use in either clearing individuals or groups.

Integrating RYSE with what you are currently doing increases the quality of the results by keeping you clear, aligned, and balanced. From this point of clarity, you have more strength and endurance as well as freedom from many of the symptoms of burnout experienced by most teachers in the healing professions.

What is a RYSE Teacher?

A RYSE Teacher is a person who has learned the energy clearing techniques to use in their work or share with others and has attained the ability to reach levels of perception to be able to identify blocks and focus intention to realign the flow of energy or repair parts of the energy system. 

Authorized RYSE Teachers go through extensive training, in the beginning, to learn to work with individuals and groups. They also go through annual renewals to ensure that they are integrating in new techniques discovered during the previous year of research and experience. 

Attending the RYSE, Tools for Life with an Authorized RYSE Teacher ensures that you are getting the most up to date information and also gives you access to additional advanced training offered either online or in person. You also gain access to the live and distance ARYSE offered periodically with Nancy Risley teaching and clearing and Kris Stecker clearing with the quartz crystal bowls. 

Once you complete the RYSE training, you are eligible to apply for the RYSE Teacher Training.