Where can you take RYSE?

RYSE is offered at Spa Tech Institute as well as by graduates of the RYSE Practitioner Program. (Be sure to verify the level of RYSE training the practitioner has to make sure they have trained with Nancy Risley specifically. No one else has been authorized to train RYSE Practitioners.)

Nancy and Kris are the exclusive providers of ARYSE (Advanced Realizing Your Sublime Energies) working with Nancy and Kris and with the quartz crystal bowls live.  RYSE 1-4 are prerequisite to ARYSE. You can sign up for ARYSE by contacting the Ipswich campus of Spa Tech Institute at 978-356-0414.

You can also find RYSE Practitioners at http://graduate-referrals.spatech.edu

RYSE Level 2 Practitioners are trained to give sessions to individuals.

RYSE Level 3 Practitioners are trained to give sessions to groups.

It is highly recommended that you use the CDs as often as possible. In this age of digital technology where it's easy to make copies, we request that people only use official RYSE CDs to help fund the continued research and development of future RYSE programs.

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