Authorized RYSE Teachers

This highly specialized work is taught by authorized RYSE teachers who have trained with Nancy Risley or an authorized RYSE Teacher Trainer and are currently approved to offer the training. Authorized Teachers receive annual training to stay up to date on new developments and maintain their skills and follow the RYSE Code of Ethics. 

RYSE Teachers have been dedicated to their personal development for many years. RYSE Teachers frequently have an extensive background in massage, bodywork, polarity therapy, psychiatry, coaching, and many other disciplines. They understand the journey of transformation and know how to guide you through the process. They also have gone through rigorous training on the energy system and how to work with energy and intention to help another person repair and strengthen their energy field for optimal clarity, alignment and health.

In addition to this baseline understanding of the important connection between, mind, body, emotions and spirit, the teachers also receive extensive training in the human energy field, how to direct and repair energy issues, and how to teach the RYSE procedures. Along with the book and recordings, RYSE Teachers assist you to clear old patterns that have been running your life for years or decades. As you can imagine, something that's been a part of your pattern for that long takes skill and attention to change. But the great thing is that with the help of the teacher, you can change it and then continue to replace it with healthy patterns that support you on all levels. 

Importance of Authorized Teachers

Authorized Teachers have kept up with the RYSE training and can enroll students through the website. There are other teachers who have taken the RYSE training in the past and are doing their own classes, but their graduates will not be eligible to access the advanced levels of training offered on the website. Therefore we encourage all RYSE students to ensure that you are receiving your training from an authorized RYSE Teacher or Teacher Trainer who is receiving active updates and supervision on performing the work so it incorporates the most up to date information. Only Authorized Teachers are listed on the RYSE website. 

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Note: You can sign up for ARYSE by contacting the Ipswich campus of Spa Tech Institute at 978-356-0414.